Eva bag with Double Small Handle




WEIGHT: 320gr

DIMENSIONS: 30x7x21cm

MATERIAL: Golden Grass

Eva series medium bag with three knitting techniques (braid, straight, panel) lined with satin fabric with double handle, small, non-detachable braid

Size Guide

Syngonanthus nitens is a grass-like species of Eriocaulaceae found in the Jalapão region of Tocantins, Brazil - the region is part of the Brazilian cerrado. Its main feature is the bright and golden color, hence their common name "capim dourado", which literally means "golden grass". Craftsmanship by S. nitens began in Jalapão, in the Afro-Brazilian community of Mumbuca in the municipality of Mateiros. Indigenous people, probably from the Xerente ethnic group, taught the art to locals as they passed through the area around the 1930s. Moriche Palm's (The Plant Silk). For decades, handicrafts were made only by women for household use and / or sporadic sales. Today, there are at least 12 local community associations. Flowering of Syngonanthus nitens begins in July and the seeds are produced from the beginning of September to October. The state government of Tocantins, through its Environmental Agency (Naturatins), enacted a regional law (Decrees 55/2004 and 092/2005) that allows scape harvesting only after September 20 and requires cutting and spreading flowers in the meadows immediately after harvest . There are regulations in the state of Tocantins that prohibit the removal of "in natura" material from the area, only in pieces that have already been produced by the local community, thus aiming at the environmental, social and economic sustainability of the place